Sunday, July 12, 2015

Truth in textile labeling and marketing?

In researching a lovely looking store online this morning I came across multiple categories of bed linens with Giza 45 as their description.  Most of you have probably never heard about it or thought about what it is.  Giza 45 was a very specific variety of extra long staple cotton from Egypt.  It brings with it a fine linen price tag, because it was incredibly long, strong, fine and expensive cotton. I say was, because it has not be grown any where in the world for four years.  So unless the linens are of an old stock, they cannot be Giza 45.  We explain a little more about this sort of thing on our website ( in the section "About Fibers, Weaves & Thread Count."  
Most of you may already know that many brands embellish significantly regarding thread count and the public is not educated that true extremely high thread count is not always better because it does not breathe.  The hotter and more humid your climate or the warmer you sleep,  the better off you are sleeping with a lower thread count cotton or best of all, a fine linen (flax).  Linen is the ultimate natural wicker of moisture and it breathes perfectly right through a light cashmere blanket.  A far better combination than cotton and down for a beautiful tropical or non-airconditioned humid environment.
Wishing you comfortable days and lovely nights in your beds!

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