Sunday, July 12, 2015

One of the many, many, many reasons the right linens, healthy linens and good linens are important for you to be happy and healthy!

So, our skin is the largest organ in our bodies.  We put it through so much all day.  Exposure to sun, smothering it in layers of clothes to stay warm,dehydration, booze, abusing it with unhealthy lotions, sunscreens, flame retardant toxins in hotels and aircraft, etc, etc, etc.  But, the bigger picture is...when we sleep, our skin along with all of our other organs, work in their brilliantly designed way to rid us of all the wrongs we have done to ourselves intentionally and unintentionally throughout the day.
What does this have to do with linens?  Well, your skin needs to breath at night.  There is all this hoo ha about high thread count in marketing.  Think about all those lovely (of course this depends on your perspective) British bankers with their beautifully tailored shirts of amazing 1,000 thread count cotton.  Have you ever been to a cricket match with them in their work clothes?  Or at the pub after work?  They are totally pitted out, albeit generally still utterly charming until well over served.
Again you may be asking me why does any of this have to do with the linens we wrap ourselves in at night?  Well, the shirts are pitted out because their beautifully woven cotton shirts are too high thread count and the shirts do not breathe.  Therefore they are over heating.  So, now let's take that concept to bed.  I do not care where you are and how far you crank up your air conditioning, you put off a ton of heat while in full REM sleep and in order to detox you need to be cuddled up with linens that let your skin breathe.

You may still have a sweaty night here or there.  We are all biomechanisms and certain times of month or after an extra fun weekend your body may just need to sweat out the toxins in your sleep, if you have not had time to do that at the gym or out on a run or hike.
No matter who my clients may be, one of the first questions I ask is "how warm or cold are a sleeper are you?"  Is he hot and and she cold, if he cold and she is hot, is he hot and he hot, etc, etc...  First and foremost your linens should be engineered so that you sleep comfortably (we can designed them to look any way you like after that!) and your linens are cool and breathable enough for you and your skin to process what ever it is you have put them through during the day/night.  Of course, I am not suggesting you be anything but cozy.  I personally am not independently warm in my home climate, other than a few hot summer nights.  I am all about being warm, but with linens that breathe.
High thread count is not better.  Kearsley only added our 1,000+ thread count Deluxe sheets because people did not believe we were a luxury purveyor without them.  I have never sold a set.  You can guess why from my above opinions.  I want my clientele to be so happy in our sheets they tell the people they love how great they are.  If I were willing to let my clients buy 1,000 thread count sheets (most of what are out there are really not what they are labeled and therefore lots of people with "1,000 tc sheets" are sleeping on sheets that may be as low as 120 tc and sleeping very comfortably) it would be like asking them to wrap up in a greenhouse for the night.  One should not wake up regularly in a sweaty environment if you have just been sleeping!  If you are, you are not sleeping with the right sheets for you.
More to follow on the specifics on this topic, but from my very favorite 600 finest Egyptian extra long staple 15 year old Kearsley Essentials Sateen sheets with Tyrolean embroidery...I bid you sweet dreams and wish you a fantastic week!

BTW this fabulous photo was taken of me by photographer Patrice Ward!  

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